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Chainsaw techno from the remote north of Australia.

The three tracks on this EP are pure Roland TB-303 Devilfish.

Includes one Bandcamp-only bonus track, to say thanks for directly supporting the artist. Cheers.


‘The most menacingly warped sounds I've heard come out of a 303’ – Squash Cops

‘303’ is Laptop Destroyer in dancefloor mode, intent on disfiguring and reshaping techno’s most fabled instrument, the Roland TB-303.

Armed with nothing but a Devilfish-modded 303, the EP is a mess of contradictions: Hectic yet beatless. Organic but crystalline. Razor sharp yet gloopy. Meditative but stressful. It’s weird dance music for dark times.

Laptop Destroyer is Kris Keogh, a multi-instrumentalist, producer and visual artist based in North-East Arnhem Land, intent on making ‘the most beautiful noise possible’.

While Keogh’s previous releases have included the dreamlike ambience of his Processed Harp Works, and walls of hushed feedback with his guitar band Red Plum & Snow, ‘303’ sees him in Laptop Destroyer mode, aimed squarely at the dancefloor, intent on pushing techno’s boundaries.

‘Techno is such a great template to work within, it’s a set of rules just begging to be broken, twisted and deformed. I had a ball making these tracks, which were really hands on live sessions. It was great pulling such huge sounds out of a tiny little plastic box. When pushing the Devilfish to its extremes, I soon realised that there was no room left, and no need, for anything else in the mix. It was engulfing and intensely brutal, the most beautiful noise!’

Laptop Destroyer’s ‘303’ EP is the third release on ZZAAPP Records, out on December 1, 2014 via digital distributors Label Worx and good ole Bandcamp.

ZZAAPP deals in digital only, delivering beats, not wasting resources.

Get in touch, tell us what you think of the EP!


released December 1, 2014

Music and artwork by Kris Keogh.

TB-303 Devilfish modifications by Robin Whittle.

Much respect and gratitude to Mark Schultz for the TB-303 Devilfish loan!



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